It’s been over 10 years now since my family was turned upside down.

My boy’s diseases.
A loss of a job.
Death of my Dad from cancer.
Anger… forgiveness… bitterness issues to deal with.

How do you prepare for all this?
How do you manage your family?
How do you keep being the parent you need to be?
How do you win?

I am happy to say after many years of hard work, advice and support.
I am debt free.
Making a 6-figure income.
Enjoying my career and work.
And supporting my boys through their post-secondary education.

My boys continue to thrive and well on the way to living their own journey.

I have never been more happy and free.

I have always had a passion and dream to help others with their career, business or personal development.

It seems like the majority of people that I encounter say, before their faith, that family is the most important thing in their lives.

If that’s the case, then we must do everything in our power to develop our families of having our very best.

That’s why I am so excited to share with you a great way to get your family focused on what really matters:
the 7-Day Family Challenge from Ziglar Family!

It all starts on March 27th, Mark Timm, CEO of Ziglar Family, and his team will be bringing to you and I, 7 leading experts sharing their proven, practical advice to help your family experience 7 specific “wins” in just 7 days!

You’ll be hearing from…
Dr. Gary Chapman (relationships)
Michael & Gail Hyatt (communication)
Dr. Josh Axe (physical health)
Tony Dungy (work/life balance)
Brian Buffini (community)
Dave Ramsey (finances)
and Zig Ziglar’s own children – Cindy, Julie, and Tom (spirituality/faith).

This is free, fun challenge and  highly-motivating experience designed to help today’s families enjoy a more fulfilling family life.

Click here learn more and join the challenge today!

I will be sharing more of my personal story in the coming days as they relate to this different area from each expert.

Looking forward to hearing your personal experiences as well. Remember we all have a story to tell.

Let’s make 2017 the best year  ever for you and your family!


Greg Johnston
Mentor+, Hitch+ and Mentor+U

A star wants to see himself rise to the top. A leader wants to see those around him rise to the top.” – Simon Sinek